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and you've got me in your bleeding heart file

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Apr. 13th, 2006 | 11:33 am
music: greeting card aisle - sarah harmer

i walked in on my parents in the oddest contraption of limbs and flesh.
they reassured me they were trying to pet the dog.
i walked away in complete disgust, only to see the bedroom door closed next time i walked by.

i'm so bored.
my first exam isn't until april 20th and this would spark the thought, "but alexandra, that means you have 4 exams in 5 days, perhaps you should prepare for them, seeing how you don't have much time during exams"
yes, see, that would make sense. That would be logical. But i seem to have lost my logic with a lot of other misplaced things (like my lululemon capri pants that i've been longing for).

it's raining and that makes me melancholy. usually i embrace this west-coast weather and i'll lie in bed for hours watching oprah in every time zone or the food network. today is different. i can't seem to envelope my body in my purple duvet when my carpet is covered in clothes. you think, "but alexandra, if your floor is covered in clothes, and you complain that you don't have any underwear...why don't you do your laundry?" BECAUSE I DON"T WANT TO K? I"M LAZY AND I DON"T FEEL LIKE DOING MY LAUNDRY CAUSE THEN WHEN IT'S CLEAN I HAVE TO PUT IT AWAY AND I HATE PUTTING IT AWAY SO IT SITS IN MY HAMPER ONLY TO END UP ON MY FLOOR AGAIN! IT IS AN ENDLESS CYCLE I REFUSE TO FEED.

in other news. i woke up early, only to see the movie "seven brides for seven brothers on". You know. the one with those 7 red-headed-hill-billy brothers who kidnap woman, drag them to the hillside, and force them to wed...all-the-while, singing in harmony and sashe-ing and piroutette-ing through the barn yard. It truly is a classic. I think it has Mrs. Partridge in it...yah i'm sure that's her..the chick from Oklahoma.

i'm bored. i blame the rain. i'm just bored with life right now..and i'm worried things wont pick up. i need to run away on a road trip again..i dunno..sometimes i worry i'm not being everything i could be..uncle sam would be disappointed

okay enough of using this livejournal as an actualy journal..maybe i'll go be productive. maybe i'll go quench my 4 day "ice capp craving". i couldn't really tell you what i'll decide. this life..so exciting.

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from: nthq87
date: Apr. 14th, 2006 01:42 am (UTC)

you know what?

It was sunny this morning when i left home today.
so i wore flip flops.
and after an houri got to school, it starts raining.
and raining
and raining..

eventualy when i got home after an angonizing cold day for my feet, i had to pull out my machete from under my bed and amputate my all my toes off (cause they died.).

so now you can tell all your friends how you know this girl who doesnt have ANY toes.


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