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Miss Alexandra
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i'm as cool as a cucumber covered in snow

"xoxo"- hugs and kisses, accents, acoustic, ansel adams, antique roadshow, antm, attics, back rubs, bangels, beaches, being in the rain, being tucked into bed, ben gibbard, bend it like beckham, big rings, big rubber boots, big sunglasses, billy, board games, bright eyes, bubble tea, buddy holly, butterfly kisses, camp fires, chai, chris martin, climbing on school roofs, coconut earrings, coldplay, cuddles, curly hair, damien rice, dancing like a loon, death cab for cutie, desperate for pants, e.e.cummings, elliott smith, eskimo kisses, faux hocks, filming and editing, fine wine and cheese, foriegn films, freckles, garden state, gene kelly, gilmore girls, grandparents, hawaiian sand, hemp jewlery, henna, holding hands, home made dance parties, honest tears, i heart huckabees, imogean heap, indian food, iron and wine, italian rap, john mayer, kisses, knitting, little black dresses, live music, lover letters, lullaby's, lululemon, m&m's with popcorn, mail, making my own constelations, man ray, meaningful lyrics, motorcycle diaries, not wearing shoes, oregon coast, poetry, polka dots, pool lovers, postal service, queen, rainer maria rilke, ray lamontagne, road trips, ryan adams, sailing, samosas, sex and the city, shaved heads, shirly temple, sincerity, singing, singing in the shower, smiles, snow angels, sock monkies, sound of music, soundtracks to life, spontanaity, spoon, spooning, stars, sufjan stevens, sunflowers, sunrises, surfing, sushi, swimming in the ocean, synchronized swimming, thai food, the colour mustard, the naam, the notebook, the oc, the weakerthans, traveling, unconventional wedding songs, vegetarianism, visiting the spca, washing the car, wave jumping, west side story, wind up my kilt, writing music, you