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the adventure of crazy pshyco bitch.

Mar. 5th, 2006 | 09:26 am

so the truth comes out.
the entire pool knows.
i walk into work yesterday morning at 8:30 only to be bombarded by a bunch of guards who all thought An. was lying when they asked if he was seeinging anyone.
the best comment was probably from corey who looks at me when i walk in and goes, "you're dicking anfhony?"
or maybe dave who goes, "so i guess this means we can't go out?"
yah. that was lovely!
everyone's been pretty awesome though and I haven't heard any gossip...yet...so that's good!!

i sent kev the e-mail telling him everything...dum, dum DUM!
yah. he is not a very happy camper.
An. was at the wild coyote last night for his old friends b-day party. I wasn't really in the mood to go and plus i thought maybe he should go solo.
he drove there only to stop by, say hello, wish her a happy birthday, and then drive all his drunk friends home
but GUESS what happened while he WAS there..
with sean and this other guy (bryan) who broke up with his gf (a girl from the pool), to persue crazy physco.
so crazy pyhsco spends the whole night following An. around the club and bumping and grinding up next to him. But the story gets better!! she asks An. if it's okay if they dance (and i didn't care..i'm not the one who's crazy pshyco) so he's liek "yah"..but he refused to get close to her..THEN! she pulled him close and whispers "i really want to kiss you" and he's like "what the hell you know i'm with alex" (remember guys..she's crazy..and hates me), and she's like "yah..but it's not bad An. I mean..i'll be kissing YOU, you don't have to do anything!" and he's like "No" and turns to walk away and she comes STRAIGHT AT HIM WITH HER UGLY LIPS! AHAHAHAH!!
he dodged the bullet..but what a CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think the story is funny.
crazy pshyco.
okay i'm off to the gym and then go swimming, as if i don't spend enough time at the pool as is! then I get to return tonight at 10pm (after hours) for a photo shoot...SCANDALAOUS!

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you're blinded by yourself.

Mar. 1st, 2006 | 12:02 pm
music: softer to me (acoustic) - relient k

i have no washing machine.

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true love waits...in haunted attics.

Feb. 27th, 2006 | 11:11 am
music: 7/4 (shoreline) - broken social scene

Goodmorning Vietnam!
Long time no see, eh? Things have been crazy, but when I reflect back on it all, I feel very lazy and unproductive. Maybe because I am?

Let’s see.
Thursday I got breakfast in bed. McDonalds breakfast. That was probably the highlight of my LIFE! I’m a sucker for an egg mcmuffin!
Friday soir, I went to the Caprice Night Club. You know, the one you’re supposed to be 21 to get into? Yah. RANDOM! I agreed to go, but I didn’t think it was even a possibility I was going to get in. I had my phone out and visa ready for the cab ride home. Firstly, I wasn’t even on the guest list, and I was attempting to use my brand-new, unused, fake. On a strange twist of fate, after being patronized by the evil-ass-faced bouncer, some bum came up to an. (who was waiting on other side of the velvet rope), and gave us 2 VIP guest passes into the club. The second bouncer didn’t even look at my face when checking “my” i.d. and so we got in, in a jiffy and had a smashing good time at our “coming out party”.
It was a girl from work’s birthday party – Anne Marie – so everyone we went with were people from work. It took 3 drinks to “get my booty on the floor [that] night”, and once I did, I had a brilliant time! Well, except for the crazy psycho that followed an. Around the dance floor and cornered him in dark corners. She’s a crazy psycho bitch who is pathetic and hates me because I got the guy. Talking about crazy, Kevin kept texting me while I was at the club all like “what are you doing?” “I haven’t seen you in forever :(”..CRAZY! maybe the two of them should hook up.
I got home late that night, tired and intoxicated, only to have to wake up at 8:30 to work...HORRAY :)

I had to jump in AGAIN this weekend. Worst part was an. was at the top of the slide and I was at the bottom. He sent some woman with her child down the red slide (evil red slide..), but warned her to sit up and go slow (seeing how she had "potential DNS" written all over her). But she didn't listen, and she started drowning with her child in meter high water..and yes..i went in..and was NOT HAPPY.
my crappy day of work was made better by blowing all my money at lululemon and aritzia.
that night was girls night with a bunch of girls from work where we gorged our face with scrumptulecent food, and watched the first season of Grey's Anatomy.
Sunday i spent with Dani, cupcake hunting, greek food eating, and then I went over to see an. who made a coupon for "one hour of cuddling"..i couldn't say no to the coupon.
and i look like a mermaid.
i just want to go home..where i will be greeted by jeprody, slurpee's, 5cent candy and cuddles - BEST DATE EVER
peace out home slices.

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remind me what is real

Feb. 23rd, 2006 | 11:22 pm
music: out of my mind - james blunt

ever be in a really crappy-pooh-faced mood, and not know why?
well i'm in one of those moods...and i can't figure out why

i would like a hug...and maybe a skim milk caramel macchiatto.

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cause love is never in the same place that you left it

Feb. 20th, 2006 | 12:30 pm

i had my first dns saturday. i wasn't impressed. bottom of the red slide. i had to go all "baywatch" on her ass. Brent at the top of the slide said he watched it on the TV's up there, and it was the best entertainment he'd had all day.
An. was IC when it all went down, so i walked by and he told me I was his hero. i looked like a wet dog.

i'm so stressed. this week may be the end of me.

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instinct is misleading.you shouldn't think what you're feeling.

Feb. 17th, 2006 | 07:13 pm
music: lightness - dcfc


Image hosting by Photobucket

ivory lines lead..ooohh wa hoooooooooooooooo...

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Feb. 15th, 2006 | 02:54 pm
music: boston - augustana

Image hosting by Photobucket

cutie cupcake-faceCollapse )

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i wont let go, i wont let go. even if you say so, oh no.

Feb. 13th, 2006 | 04:18 pm
music: the dream of evan and chan - ben gibbard

My mom thinks I'm having sex.

An. decided to surprise me today with a visit. Generally I enjoy surprises - especially when these surprises are people, but I thought the surprise I would give him when I answered the door would not be a plesant one, so i hid in my computer room holding my breath.
He rang the doorbell like 4 times. I wasn't sure it was him to begin with. I thought maybe it was the purilator man, and I didn't feel like giving him a show so early in the morning. After the 3rd ring of the doorbell, I got scared and assumed it was the Boogyman.
I went and checked my cell and saw An. phoned, so when I returned the call he asks where I was and I apprehensivly answer that I was "in the shower". I totally wasn't. I was standing there, as dry as the Sahara, and in my sweats.
I invited him back over, after realizing the man at the door wasn't an ax-murder, and i shoved my hair under the sink so my excuse seemed possible. He then brought me lunch :) and spent the afternoon with me when he had a midterm that evening and SHOULD'VE been studying.
I pulled out the pull-out-bed for him to sleep on cause he fell asleep at 5:30am last night after a late night of studying. Things are better with me. I phoned him last night to interupt his studying with an "Alex Attack". He handles them so well...
Anywho, my maja came in and saw that the couch had been pulled out, and my bed was made. She made some hasty assumptions (as she saw An. leaving), and now she thinks I'm having sex - and eating all the cookies from the cookie jar.

I am doing neither.

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and i knew...that you meant it.

Feb. 6th, 2006 | 05:20 pm
music: dashboard confessional - hands down


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pretty people everywhere.sun lamp tans and flaxen hair.

Feb. 3rd, 2006 | 11:03 am
music: of montreal - oslo in the summertime

i haven't been told anything about tonight..except for the fact that i need to bring goggles?

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